connecting Crossfit affiliates nationwide

Growing our community one drop-in at a time

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Give your athletes and coaches access to gyms in our network when travelling at no extra cost to them. Meet members from CrossFit Affiliates around the nation, and share in all of the things that the greater CrossFit community has to offer.


Boost Google rankings and visibility by mobilizing your existing community and drop-ins to leave positive reviews for your gym.  Keep your members training while they are travelling.


Attract new members searching for a gym, whether that's someone trying out CrossFit for the first time, or an exisitng CrossFitter moving into the area. Give them a home away from home and decrease the number of membership holds or cancelations due to travel/holiday/vacation.


For Athletes

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Never pay $25 drop-in fees again!

Instead, just plan your trip, have a kick ass workout, meet some new people, and just have a great time! We are here to help connect and grow the community you love! So we just want you to tell the world about the awesomeness that is CrossFit!

Always have a warm welcome at gyms across the country

Never feel weird about dropping in to a gym while you’re traveling. One click and they’ll know you’re coming and have a space in class for you so you can just focus on having a great experience.

Connect to a real national community

Meet new friends in new places wherever you travel while always being able to keep up with your fitness. Be an active part of growing the CrossFit community by leaving feedback for your awesome hosts so we can make this the best community it can be!


For Gym Owners

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Build your organic search visibility to attract new clients 

Stand head and shoulders above the rest! When visitors drop by your gym, they will drop you reviews… plus we will mobilize your existing members to leave that review they “forgot about… for the last two years” 

Add a huge value to your gym offering

Access to hundreds of gyms across the country is an amazing thing to find in a gym! Increase your offerings to new prospects and reactivate past members that had to drop due to work travel… and don’t forget your current awesome athletes!

Give your community a huge freaking thank you!

Because really, it’s all about them! Give your community a really cool gift to say thanks for the years of loyalty and dedication!