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How BoxEx Works

Once your gym joins The Box Exchange, you will have access to one free drop-in at every gym in our nationwide network of CrossFit Affiliates. Access locations whenever you are traveling and secure a class time with only a few clicks. Show up, workout out, and leave an online review while you cool down. Reviews will help Affiliates become more visible in their local community and will help continue the growth of the entire CrossFit Community!

Step 1 › Pre-Workout

Check your e-mail for your gym’s welcome link.  (Not yet part of our network? Make an introduction!)

Step 2 › warm-up
Set up your BoxEx Profile. While you're here, we'll walk you through the process of leaving a review for your home gym!
Step 3 › skill work
Ready to travel? Find a gym and select your class time. We’ll notify the gym so that you don’t have to!
Step 4 › workout
Drop-in and have a great workout! If the gym has any special requests of their drop-ins, we’ll be sure to give you a heads up.
Step 5 › cool down
Time! High-five it up and get on with your day. We’ll send you a reminder to leave a glowing review for your gracious host so that we can keep the free drop-ins coming.
Bonus › recovery

Make sure to connect on social media to help support the greater CrossFit Community so that we can keep supporting you!

Why Reviews Matter

Reviews and search ratings are the lifeblood of small businesses like your local CrossFit Affiliate. Just think about the last time you picked your post-workout meal at a new restaurant because of online review, or better yet, because of a recommendation from another CrossFitter! Did you scroll to the bottom of the search page for the 5th option, or did you opt for the one that came with glowing recommendations?

When you leave a review for a gym, not only are you supporting local Affiliates, but you're helping guide more like-minded individuals to find a home within the CrossFit community that you love!!

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