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Provide Your Athletes and Coaches Free Nationwide Drop-ins

• Attract and Convert More New Members with Nationwide Options

• Boost Your Google Visibility with Member and Visitor Reviews

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How Box Ex Works

  • Connect your Athletes and Coaches to our growing network of CrossFit Affiliates and give them access to free drop-ins whenever they are traveling. After their workout we simply ask them to leave a review to help support and grow the visibility of the host gym.

  • We’ll notify you when a traveling Athlete from the BoxEx network reserves a class at your gym and we’ll follow up with them about leaving a review following their workout so you don’t have to!

  • Grow your community organically by attracting more new members through improved online visibility and increase member rention rates by giving them the added value of our drop-in network whenever they are traveling.
nationwide access

Give your athletes and coaches one free Drop-in at each of our network gyms when they trave using our BoxEx location finder.

more options = more value

With travel being a common occurrence for everyone, give your Athletes more options to work out on the road as part of their membership at your gym.

Consistency is key

Enhance your athletes' traveling experience by eliminating typical barriers such as cost, gym searching, and endless email exchanges. With our streamlined reservation process, we make it effortless for them to drop in at gyms while on the go.

CrossFit Community

The Open comes around just once a year. With BoxEx, keep your Athletes connected every season with the greater CrossFit Community.




Inside the gym you offer coaching, community, and a facility that provides value to your membership. With BoxEx, go beyond the status-quo and support your athletes outside the walls of your Affiliate as well.

What owners are saying

BoxEx was super well received by our members this week when we made the announcements in class! We're really looking forward to the value this adds

Affiliate Owner

More owner Feedback 

This is great! I was just thinking we needed something like this for CrossFit Affiliates... I don't know why this hasn't existed before!


What athletes are saying

I love the visual footprint for the boxes that are available. I especially love the map. It makes looking for a box easy peasy.

BoxEx Gym Athlete

It's not just for your business Travelers

We're taking the family on vacation next weekend and we're excited to get to use the network!

BoxEx Gym Athlete

Value added

Acquire, retain, and reactivate members with new added benefits of your gym's membership.

Increased Visibility

Boost Google rankings and visibility by mobilizing your existing community and drop-ins to leave positive reviews for your gym.

Grow with reviews

Attract new members searching for a gym by ranking higher on Google searches, whether that's someone trying out CrossFit for the first time, or an existing CrossFitter moving into the area.

increase seasonal retention

Increase retention rates by reducing the number of membership holds or cancelations due to travel/holiday/vacation.



Grow your membership base

Potential new members are constantly searching for reasons to get moving. Let them know you're here! 

Every BoxEx visitor adds to your overall Google visibility helping you show up first on any "gym" related search in your area whether it's CrossFit specific or not. Capturing the attention of just a couple of extra prospects each month turns into huge growth to your bottom line! 

Our Network


  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte
  • Raleigh
  • Wash. DC
  • Philadelphia
  • Boston


  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Breckenridge
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Houston
  • Kansas City
  • Albuquerque


  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • Las Vegas
  • Phoenix
  • Salt Lake City


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Box Exchange Membership


Class Reservation System
Personalized Affiliate Profiles
Individual Athlete Logins
Automated Review Follow-up


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BoxEx represents a small number of the CrossFit Affiliates in the US. Even as our network continues to grow, the majority of your existing drop-in revenue will remain untouched. In fact, between gym merchandise (t-shirts, recovery drinks, protein, etc...) and network drop-ins that return for a second paying visit, you may actually see your drop-in revenue increase with The Box Exchange.
All BoxEx visitors recieve ONE free class at each gym within the network. Additional days incurr the respective gym's regular drop-in rates.
BoxEx benefits everyone, not just your frequent business travelers. Between holidays, summer vacations, and weekend get-aways, your athletes probably travel more than you realize.
Even for short day-trips that take your members out of town, BoxEx athletes can utilize their memberships to drop-in at Affiliates outside of a 15-mile radius from your home gym, making it a great option if they are unable to make it back for your last class of the day.
Affiliates that recieve infrequent drop-ins are still able to offer their members a huge amount of value by giving them access to our nationwide network. While they may not recieve as many drop-in reviews, we'll still nudge your existing membership to support your growth by asking them to leave a review for their home gym when they activate their individual athlete profile.
As former Affiliate Owners ourselves, we understand that you already have a lot to manage. Following your initial 20 minute setup, we'll provide you with digital assets to help get the word out to your members, follow up with visitors for valuable reviews, and take care of your athletes when they are on the road. We'll send you the occasional e-mail to alert you of visiting athletes and a one-click athlete confirmation email to add new members who request access from your gym. We're here to add value and support for your Affiliate, allowing you to stay focused on running your gym.
BoxEx has a number of ways to intergrate with your current CRM (Wodify, Zenplanner, etc...) and drop-in process. Depending on your needs, you can opt to link them directly to your online waiver, or require them to register for a drop-in directly via your CRM.
Our system allows you to set and modify your weekly class schedule with ease. If you regularlly have a class time that is full, you can opt to omit them from your BoxEx classs schedule and only allow visitors to drop-in for your less full time slots.