For Gym Owners


Benefits for You & Your Clients

  • Build your google search visibility to organically put your box in front of hundreds of new prospects searching for gyms in your area - Our goal is to have you shown before the Orange Theories and F45s of the area
  • Provides additional value for your sales process
  • Regain lost clients
  • Retain current clients / avoid pauses for travel
  • Costs less than a single client so if you acquire/retain/regain one single member your membership to Box Exchange is paid for and already making you money
  • Reduce your monthly Google and Facebook ad cost by raising your organic search visibility - 90% of clicks come from the first 3 search results!
  • Your clients get to keep training - instead of falling off the wagon
  • Sometimes other coaches can "fix" that annoying habit of your "favorite" athlete ;-)
  • We will mobilize your existing members that have neglected to tell the world about the gym they come to every day to leave that Google Review for you

Super Simple Setup

  • Short 15 minute registration process
  • Enter your info - logo, photos, about your gym, address - simply cut and paste from your website or Google places page
  • Upload your current roster to set up their membership
  • Simple new member registration  
  • Emails notification will come to you for class reservations - you can set it to go directly to the coach of class
  • Never overbook regularly full class times by only scheduling admission to the classes that do not fill up regularly
  • We are not here to poach members from nearby gyms... your members will only be able to use BxEx outside of a 15 mile radius

What the future looks like

  • For CrossFitters, by CrossFitters - Things to do in your area - restaurants/markets, local/nature events, local gems, etc - vetted and suggested by you!
  • Perks and offers from partners- These are going to be legit sources - Coaching Seminars, Business coaching, Programming groups, Equipment suppliers, Industry leading supplement companies, etc.
  • Best practices forum
  • International travel

Join the Box Exchange


One of the main questions… Normally it will be $99/month. We priced it at 99 because that’s about half the regular membership value at most gyms. So if you gain, regain, or retain one single member your entire membership to the network is paid, you’re making money, you’ve added a huge value to your members and prospects, you’ll be showing up on Google above everyone else, AND your members instantly get access to all the gyms in the network. To get a real worthwhile network going we are giving the first 50 half price for life... The next 75 will get everything for 75/month… after that, everyone will be up to the full price. If you are reading this, you will get that awesome Founding Member rate. So just 49.50/month!!
Start by simply completing the registration process just like your Google Business page (in fact you can just copy and paste most of it) We’ll automatically send registration login information to all your members. We’ll give you an email to send to your coaches so they get the whole scoop and can speak directly to your members about it. We’ll give you an email to add to your existing CRM’s “New Athlete” email sequence to automatically register new athletes for the Box Exchange. As your existing athletes register in our system we’ll remind them to go back and give you that Google review they have “forgot”.. For the past three years. You can immediately add the Box Exchange offering to your sales process however works best for your current process. Finally, we will send you an email notification for all the athletes visiting your gym that will include the athlete’s profile that you can forward to your coaches!
All over the country! Our goal is 1000 boxes by the end of the year! To get there as fast as possible - and to help all our Member Boxes - We have a kick ass referral program! Refer a gym, get $100! So, if you have friends or family that own boxes, let them know. If one of your members is headed somewhere for vacation that doesn't have a BxEx Gym yet, you can send a quick invite to the gyms that you would prefer your athlete to visit. (We'll do all the legwork, you just have to have an email)
We definitely know that 4:30pm on Monday is jam packed... probably overflowing. And adding another drop-in is going to be impossible... - No worries - in your initial setup (which is super easy - about 15 minutes) you get to set the classes that are available for BxEx visitors. So you don't need to worry about folks dropping in to your high skill, small/closed group, or overcrowded classes. 
This is definitely a question we get often in the high-travel area of the country. So much so that we are working on a whole post about it coming soon. But a few simple math equations should help… Our goal is to have 1000 CrossFit Boxes in the BxEx Network in the next year. That 1 out of 5 which means only 20% of drop-ins would qualify for their first free drop-in (subsequent days or whole week drop-ins should still be paid). Second, it takes about 10 drop-in fees to equal the revenue from a single regular member… so with 100-200 more Google Reviews, and the visibility they bring, you will far exceed that revenue disparity. And those members keep coming every month! For years!