For Athletes

have a home anywhere you Travel

  • Become part of the global community of CrossFitters
  • Always have a warm welcome at a home-away-from-home
  • Give thank-yous and high fives instead of $25 drop in fees
  • Meet cool new friends in cool new places while helping grow the community that you love


Share with Your Gym's Owner to Get Your Gym Signed Up!


Why we are here

  • We are all about building connection, creating a solid nationwide community, and paying it forward!
  • Wouldn't it be great to have a warm welcome and a great place to train while your traveling?!
  • No long process of emailing back and forth to arrange a drop in
  • No more $25 drop in fee!!
  • Get a class with a single click!
  • Meet a brand new group of people that are actually cool and excited to meet you
  • Get fresh eyes on your movements - sometimes new words from a new source can help you get that first double under, muscle-up, or PR!
  • Did we mention... Free! You don't need to add any more expenses to your trip
  • You get to actively help build the community that you are a part of
  • Become part of the national community that you are actively helping to build
  • Help build CrossFit as a whole - making it more visible to unfamiliar people
  • Pay it forward to help your host gym and the greater community

How it Works

  • Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, a quick search and you'll have a whole list of gyms and class times to choose from
  • The gym will already know about your experience level, injuries, Rx/Scaled, and when to expect you
  • Then just show up, get a kick ass workout, learn some new things, maybe make some new friends!
  • You simply help the host gym by leaving a good Google review or sending them private feedback to help make the experience even better for other visitors

What the future looks like

  • For CrossFitters, by CrossFitters - Things to do in your area - restaurants/markets, local/nature events, local gems, etc - vetted and suggested by you!
  • Athlete passports - keep track of all the places you've been!
  • Hotel discounts
  • International travel host gyms
  • Perks and offers from partners - Only the best! Discounts and special offers on equipment, supplements, and online education
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The Box Exchange is and will always be free for our Athletes to use! Our goal is to connect the whole CrossFIt community and help grow all the individual boxes by sharing feedback for the world to see.
Simple, we are a collection of people that believe your voice and your success is more valuable than a single drop in fee. So instead of cash, all we ask is for you to share your appreciation though leaving a review to help people outside the Crossfit community to find their way into the lifestyle you know and love!
Super simple! Once your gym registers as a Box Exchange affiliate, you will be able to simply use the site to find a gym in the area you’re traveling. Select a time. Have a Kick ass workout. Leave your host gym a thank you review! That’s it!!
Google reviews are the guiding light to help people searching for ANY service decide where to go. And one of our goals is to help lead more people into the healthy, badass, community driven CrossFit lifestyle that you know and love. So with that in mind, all we ask is that you repay the favor from the host gym by leaving a positive review after your workout!
In the unlikely case that you can’t leave a good review, Please instead send a direct message to the owner! Owners actually love feedback because it helps them make changes and ultimately a better experience for everyone!
Coming soon: Simply head to the Collective page, fill out the form, and we will send an invitation to the gym and if they sign up, you’ll get a referral reward of $100!! (referral reward will be sent once the referred gym passes their third billing cycle)