For Gym Owners


Benefits for You & Your Clients

  • Build your google search visibility to organically put your box in front of hundreds of new prospects searching for gyms in your area - Our goal is to have you shown before the Orange Theories and F45s of the area
  • Provides additional value for your sales process
  • Regain lost clients
  • Retain current clients / avoid pauses for travel
  • Costs less than a single client so if you acquire/retain/regain one single member your membership to Box Exchange is paid for and already making you money
  • Reduce your monthly Google and Facebook ad cost by raising your organic search visibility - 90% of clicks come from the first 3 search results!
  • Your clients get to keep training - instead of falling off the wagon
  • Sometimes other coaches can "fix" that annoying habit of your "favorite" athlete ;-)
  • We will mobilize your existing members that have neglected to tell the world about the gym they come to every day to leave that Google Review for you

Super Simple Setup

  • Short 15 minute registration process
  • Enter your info - logo, photos, about your gym, address - simply cut and paste from your website or Google places page
  • Upload your current roster to set up their membership
  • Simple automated new member registration  
  • Emails notification will come to you for class reservations - you can set it to go directly to the coach of class
  • Never overbook regularly full class times by only scheduling admission to the classes that do not fill up regularly
  • We are not here to poach members from nearby gyms... your members will only be able to use BxEx outside of a 15 mile radius

What the future looks like

  • For CrossFitters, by CrossFitters - Things to do in your area - restaurants/markets, local/nature events, local gems, etc - vetted and suggested by you!
  • Perks and offers from partners- These are going to be legit sources - Coaching Seminars, Business coaching, Programming groups, Equipment suppliers, Industry leading supplement companies, etc.
  • Best practices forum
  • International travel
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