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Use this for IG:

Use this for BOTH:

1) the caption for the IG/FB post and

2)send as an email and/or text message for all the non social media folks

Hey Team!

{Gym name} is now part of The Box Exchange Network! Connecting CrossFit boxes across the country, The Box Exchange is basically your fitness Passport when you're away from home!

There are more details in your inbox but basically, as the newest members of The Box Exchange, all {gym name} Athletes get a FREE drop-in at any of the other gyms in the network when you travel!

Meet cool new people in cool new places, keep your training consistent, and engage and grow with the national CrossFit Community!

Check your inbox to learn more about how it works and for your login information to set up your profile!

That's all for today!! {Gym name}

Download Image

Use this image for your Web page to let prospects know the new value they get.

Use whichever size works best for your formatting - If you need a different size email us at

Link directly to our info site to let prospects understand everything they will be getting by joining your gym...

Or you can host a page on your site using the copy below 

Download banner
Give them an email template to add to their CRM welcome package to allow new members to request registration invitation

Email to new athletes... link to request page... make this send after two weeks/one month (so brandnewbies do go using it when they're not ready)

Talk here about having BoxEx on their Drop in page (or creating a new one - we could create a format and copy for them to utilize if they don't have one

Short Blurb for them to attach with the graphic <-- maybe add "Member of the box exchange community" tagline to this image