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A company for the Community by the Community.

The BoxEx Collective

Our mission is to contribute to a united and flourishing CrossFit Community that expands beyond the walls of any single box, leaves no athlete without a home away from home, and helps bring visibility to the healthy lifestyle we hold dear.

After years of hearing the pains of traveling athletes and watching the struggles of fantastic gym owners and coaches we’ve come to the realization that current mindset and methodology of marketing and interaction was no longer serving the growth of our community. Each gym has become an island in a way, destined to go at it alone amidst a sea of competitors. Each traveler, a lone boat navigating the area between the islands, paying the toll to land at each port for the day.

What if instead the gyms were more like Flowers together in a field… and the traveling Athletes were instead Bumble Bees hopping from one flower to the next. Each Flower sharing a little of its nectar to help the Bees on their way and the Bees, in turn, pollinating each flower with their energy as they pass through, helping that Flower grow and flourish. 

Our purpose at The Box Exchange is to invite the Boxes off of their rocky islands and into the field, exchanging the toll for a friendly exchange of mutual benefit, letting the Bees swap the span of the uncertain sea for a warm welcome in the field of Flowers.

Yes that got a little fluffy… but you get the idea. If we always bring our collective love of CrossFit to the forefront of our interactions we truly can connect, grow, and become one great community. 

One of our favorite quotes is “The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better.” - Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Each gym, owner, and group of coaches is awesome and badass all on their own! And nobody can take that away, but just take a moment and think about everyone chipping in and bringing all their awesomeness together! Kinda like Voltron!! (Or Power Rangers if that’s your jam)

And so we invite you to join us in the BoxEx Collective and share the idea of Collective benefit and become an effective owner of the Network you are a part of.

The BoxEx Collective works like this:

If you’re traveling to an area that doesn’t have any members of The Box Exchange yet, pick out a few gyms you would like to visit and invite them!

If you have a friend, be it an Athlete or Box owner, share this with them so their gym can join and get all the benefits you have!

The more members the greater the value to everyone!

Simply fill out the form a few weeks before your travel, our system will send out an email directly to the owner, and our team will follow up with the gym you’ve contacted. Super Simple!

Whenever a new Box uses your personal Collective Code at registration, we will give them half off their first month, and you’ll get $100 just for referring them! Then in our Quarterly earnings distribution, you’ll have a Collective Credit and receive a dividends deposit for each referral you have made as long as the Box remains in the network!*

And YES they are cumulative! So any place you travel is an opportunity to invite another Box and accumulate more Collective Credits!

*$100 payment will be made after the gym completes the 3rd billing cycle. Dividends will be comprised of 5% of net each quarter divided among Collective members based on number of Collective Credits each receives. The Box Exchange reserves the right to modify the Collective disbursements as necessary.


Invite a new Box to BoxEx