Expand the network, get rewarded

Imagine a world where your athletes enjoy the freedom to drop into hundreds of CrossFit gyms nationwide, offering convenient options wherever they travel. Picture your gym's search visibility climbing daily, attracting new athletes consistently. Visualize competing alongside the giant corporate gyms with a national membership offering. And beyond that, envision earning rewards for supporting your athletes' fitness journeys, even outside your gym.

Welcome to the Box Exchange vision, where a thriving national CrossFit community comes to life. Athletes from all over unite, forming friendships and embodying the solidarity at the heart of CrossFit.

Extend BoxEx to Your Circle


Consider the standout gyms you know—the ones you'd recommend without hesitation. With our Affiliate Program, you can extend a two-month BoxEx membership to these gyms, absolutely free. You're not just making recommendations; you're weaving a network, boosting our collective strength.

Receive More than Thanks—Get Rewarded

When a gym signs up with your unique code, the benefits are tangible—you'll receive their first two months of membership fees (following their two free months). The perks continue with a 25% share of their membership fees for the following year, potentially netting you up to $500 per referral. Our Affiliate Program transforms your connections into growth and tangible rewards.

Enhance the Network

Your participation doesn't just open doors to new workout spaces for your athletes—it broadens their community. By linking them with other gyms, you contribute to a flourishing network of individuals who share a common passion. This camaraderie reinforces their commitment to your gym and to the wider CrossFit family. Your initiative sparks a chain reaction of positivity for all involved.

A Unified Community Elevates Everyone

In our global CrossFit community, every connection, every shared experience, enriches us. As our bonds strengthen, so does our impact—on each other and the world. Sharing reviews nationwide doesn't only elevate individual gyms; it draws a tide of new enthusiasts to our dynamic culture. Together, we're not just growing; we're reinforcing a powerful, unified brand.

Invite a Gym, Empower the Community

Using the ambassador link from your dashboard and the discount code 2MONTHS (be sure they apply the code in the checkout), here's what happens:

They Receive:

  • Two months of membership, completely free.

You Gain:

  • 100% of their first two paid months.

  • 25% of their monthly fees for the next year.

  • The potential for unlimited referrals.

12-month reward of up to

$500 (per referral)

Two months ($99 x2) = $198
25% of 12/mo (25% of $99 x12) = $297
Full year bonus = $5
Refer as many gyms as you wish!